What Is Augmented Reality (AR) And Why It’s the Future of Product Photography

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What Is Augmented Reality (AR) And Why It’s the Future of Product Photography

Augmented reality (AR) has developed rapidly from science fiction concept to a science-based reality. AR is a type of virtual reality where the real world is enhanced or expanded through virtual elements, usually showcasing the elements on the view of a real world through a visual device.

Augmented reality works in different ways and used for many reasons, but in most cases virtual objects are projected in the real world, developing an illusion that they occupy a similar space. Augmented reality devices feature a display, a processor, a sensor, and an input device. These devices include gaming consoles, contact lenses, eyeglasses, head-mounted displays, smartphones, monitors, and others. Touch and sound feedback can be added to an augmented reality system.

How it Works

AR is live, and for it to function, someone has to see the real world as it is. Augmented reality alters the real world space, manipulating your idea of reality. In the first type of augmented reality, the individual views a recording of the real world space with virtual elements overlaid on it. A lot of sporting events use this form of AR.

The second type of augmented reality allows you to look around the environment in a normal way and in real time through a display which overlays info to develop an augmented experience. An example of such a display is Google Glass, which features a regular pair of glasses but comes with a small screen where users see GPS directions, send photos, check the weather, etc.

Once the virtual object is placed between the real world and the user, computer vision and object recognition can be used to allow an object to be manipulated by real physical objects, and allow the individual to interact with virtual elements.

For instance, some application allows customers to scan special codes or products which use augmented reality to show customers more info about physical features before they purchase them, check what is in their unopened packaged and read reviews from other customers.

Also, other mobile applications enable customers to choose a virtual version of a product they are considering to buy like furniture and see it in a real space of their home through their smartphone. They are capable of seeing their actual living room, for instance, but the virtual furniture they have selected is visible to them on their screen, allowing them to know if it will fit in the room.

AR and Product Photography

We have all seen a headset that allows you to capture photos in VR, but Augmented reality takes you a step further. It will enable you to view products in 3D in real-time and real-life environment through smartphones or tablets to improve user engagement. Besides, we try to be as unique as possible by taking the images of a product and map the texture on top of the 3D model to get a realistic effect.

AR allows manufacturers and retailers to connect and thereby enabling online customers to experience products while sitting at home before making a purchase. Online shoppers can view the products in 3D by rotating them and seeing all augmented contents before they decide to buy.

Since Apple’s recent announcement of AR Quick look; Shopify and Woocommerce have launched their AR ready platforms. Bringing your products closer to your consumer.

Augmented Reality in Browsers

Web-powered AR represents an incredible move toward making augmented reality experiences available to shoppers through mobile browsers. The AR browsers enhance the user’s camera display with background information. For instance, you can see its estimated value and history.

For Pic-Up, Augmented Reality Adds Another Dimension to Product Pages

Pic-Up, our company that specializes in product photography use 3D model created through AR to offer an immersive shopping experience which empowers shoppers to explore every angle, every part, and every inch of their products remotely. This area has been quite challenging for traditional product photography.

Launch Date

Pic-Up understands that getting a person to download an application that supports augmented reality and then use it as his or her main shopping application leads to a major transition for the person. However, having it incorporated in your browser like safari, the use of AR in product photography will become surge.

Besides, nothing matches the experience of personally visiting a shop and trying if the product is of the right fit, but our augmented reality offers potential customers with everything they need to make the right choice. The AR experience in product photography is in it’s last stages of development, and it is set to be launched on March.

Is the Furniture the Best Choice for my House?

For Pic-Up, augmented reality help in answering simple questions which are challenging in cases of online shopping. Seeing the actual product in 3D on your display means a lot. It helps answer a lot of questions, which makes it easier to make a decision.

The AR will allow users to see how the products look in their garage, living room, or wherever you keep it. Besides, using augmented reality helps in selling the future, high-tech feeling of a product. Web-powered augmented reality is set to revolutionize online shoppers, mainly where the purchase decisions depend on the setting where the product is to be used.

Augmented Reality the Showroom to your House

Pic-Up AR is an excellent alternative to visual merchandising, where instead of going to a decorated showcase of items on display, online shoppers can view products they intend to purchase and compare their space by seeing them next to a piece they own.

Being able to visualise a product in your space through your iPhone brings potential customers closer to the perception of owning it. The great thing about Pic-up AR is its ability to create satisfied customers. Most online shops consider it a failure if one of their customers return a product because it did not meet their expectations and it was not as described. These mix-ups are caused by customers not being able to visualise the item in their own setting.


Pic-Up AR offers an effective toolkit for business to develop their augmented reality experience. Moreover, as the full potential of augmented reality shopping experience continues to unearth, our aim is making products more valuable and more accessible for our customers.

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