Stats and Facts on the Importance of Good Product Photography

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Stats and Facts on the Importance of Good Product Photography

Most people learn best through observation and pictures. Product photography can increase your e-commerce sales. The more appealing your products look, the more customers it attracts. One of the reasons why photography is so vital is because people aren’t very good at explaining things they see.

Retailers should aim at displaying their products engagingly to their prospective customers. While a retailer might know their products inside out, customers might not. Today’s online customers know how to seek information which will steer their purchasing decisions. The information that is frequently sort includes social shares and online reviews. Therefore, showcasing a product allows e-commerce retailers to add worthiness and value.

Product Photography Adds Authority

Customers always have a perceived value of an item which depends on how they look. This is essential when differentiating between competitors. When customers are faced with identical products in different online stores, the quality of the picture used in a product will convert the sales. By nature, people prefer goods that look appealing to the eye.

Go Pro

Hire reputable and experienced services to get incredible shots. Besides, most products displayed on websites are usually in white backgrounds which is almost unavoidable when selling your items online. However, if you are looking to create a unique brand for your store and website which outshines the competition, consider incorporating lifestyle settings, prints and bright colours to showcase your products in exciting and appealing settings.

Many professional photographers give you multiple background colours to choose from making your products look appealing on social media platforms or your website.

Here at PIC-UP we’re all about making high quality product ecommerce photography easier, faster and more convenient for you. We know you want to spend your time doing what you do best, promoting and selling your products, while making your brand stand out for all the right reasons. Check our service out here.[/vc_column_text]


A significant number of online returns take place because the products look quite different from the pictures displayed. Accurately presenting your products online saves you both money and time by helping you reduce the number of unsatisfied customers. Moreover, ensure that the photographs reflect the right photography lighting and represent the item you’re selling.

Also, a large number of online shoppers say that many camera angles influence them in making purchasing decisions. Pictures showing distance and close-up shots are vital, and a high-quality photo resolution is crucial in attracting customers. Most people can attest that clear photos capture their attention because they can clearly see the product they are looking for.

Most Customers Use Mobile Devices To Shop For Products

Most people access the internet through their smartphones, meaning that showcasing good photography to prospective customers who are the go is essential. Online shoppers who use mobile phones want quick and straightforward content and do not have the time to read lengthy content, so you need to allow the product photography to do the talking.

Besides, online stores should showcase their products on popular social media apps such as Instagram. In fact, Instagram has recently added shopping tags allowing brands to include a shop-able link to existing adverts. This strategy is valuable especially for mobile users who love the conveniences of buying while travelling on one click.

The Environment Influences Product Photography

Displaying your products in the environment where they are best suited is very vital for products such as all-weather fabric and shoes where the shopper can get the actual view of the item in actual usage. Indoor set up, and artificial lightning might not be appropriate for all products. Showcasing your products in a natural environment, especially for the outdoor products enhances their appeal.

Moreover, natural lightning makes it incredible for scenery photographs. If your business sells lawn equipment, capturing outdoor product photography can help customers get a better feeling for a product and make visually appealing photos.

A Tripod Brings Focus, Stability, And Consistency

When you hold the camera with your hands without moving, it is very easy to capture blurry images as you try to focus your entire product. A decent tripod can last for many years, and it is worth purchasing if you want high-quality photos. A tripod stabilises your camera when you’re shooting with a wide depth of field which helps avoid blurry pictures.

Editing Can Make The Difference Between Ordinary And Exceptional Photos

Editing photos after the shoot is important as it helps you get a flawless look. For beginners, capturing images in the right lighting and background takes trial and error. Fortunately, software or applications that edit photos can make flaws disappear. The software serves many purposes from colour correction to background removal, shadow addition, and mannequin removal for a natural look.

One Photo Is Not Enough

Potential customers who are looking forward to buying a product, particularly if it is expensive, will spend time looking at every detail of the product pages before making a decision. If you cannot provide all the information they need, they will not purchase the products. Such information includes decent photos. Utilise many product photos to make the details clear and attractive. Showcase how your product looks from all angles.

Real Photos Drive The Sales

There are websites where all their products look fake. Others use photos similar to those posted online the only difference being the colour settings altered through Photoshop. Prospective customers often compare how the product will fit into their life. Therefore, if you show them real products in real situations, customers will be able to apply to apply them in their own circumstances, needs, and situations.

Stats About Good Product Photography

  1. 65% of users prefer emails made up of images whereas only 35% like those that are text heavy.
  2. 65% of the population comprises of visual learners.
  3. According to Simply Measured, there is 46% increase in content engagement for brands as well as 65% increase in photo engagement.
  4. If your content has images, you have an average of 94% more views than your counterparts.
  5. A study conducted by Social Bakers indicated that photos standout in the market through Facebook, making up 98% of most engaging posts engaging markets on social media.
  6. According to PewResearch, 35% of internet users are willing to share photos they browse on the web.

Need professional product photography?

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