How to upload your Product Images to WooCommerce and Shopify

How to upload your Product Images to WooCommerce and Shopify

The product pages have the most significant impact on sales when compared to user experience and website design. Product images present your products in the best way possible motivating potential customers to press the purchase button. Eye-catching product pages are streamlined, informative, and beautiful. Uploading clear images to WooCommerce and Shopify is an effective strategy in attracting more customers to your product.

How to upload images to WooComerce

The option to add images is available on the right-hand side when you’re adding a product in the store from WooCommerce > Products.

  1. This is the featured image for your product and can be set in different sizes across your online store. To add an image, Select product image in the Product image
  2. Upload an image or select a new one in the WordPress’s Media Library.
  3. If you would like to edit or change the image, click on Remove and Edit

Product Galleries

The Product gallery section allows you to display all images that are attached to a product. Product galleries are added the same way as a Product Image, but you have to use Product Gallery meta box.

Remove Images from the Gallery

To remove images from the gallery, hover over the images and then click “x.”

Customer view

After adding product images and galleries, potential customers can view them in your online store.

How to upload images to Shopify

Shopify theme has four types of images. You will work with these images, so it is vital to comprehend the differences between them.

Article Images – An image that represents a blog article that is uploaded through the article edit page in Shopify admin.

Collection images – An image that represents a collection that is uploaded through Shopify admin.

Product images – Images which are specific to an ecommerce store and uploaded through Shopify admin for each product.

Theme images – Stored within a theme’s assets folder and are usually specific to that theme.

Shopify allows you to add up to 250 images for a single product. It also automatically creates images of different sizes in different areas of your store theme. Here is how you can add images to Shopify.


  1. Go to the Products page, choose a product and click on it to see all the details.
  2. From the Images section, click on one of the Add image link or drag and drop images from the computer.

Adding Alt to Images

Alt describe images, and it is a vital way of describing your product. Alt text is displayed when an image cannot load. Moreover, it can be used by assistive technology to describe an image to a visually impaired customer. Furthermore, alt text boosts your site’s SEO. Make sure that the alt text is descriptive and short.


  1. Go to Products in your Shopify admin section
  2. Click on the product you want to edit
  3. Click ALT on the product image.
  4. Edit or add the text in the Image alt text

Click Done.

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