How to Make Creative Banners for your E-commerce Store’s Homepage using Photoshop

How to Make Creative Banners for your E-commerce Store’s Homepage using Photoshop

Having banners on your e-commerce website attracts potential clients to view the products on sale. Any increase in visitor traffic on the site is a sign of increasing profits since they are more probable to make more purchases. The banners offer an opportunity to tell consumers of items on sale, new products, and the featured products by the store.

Photoshop is a valuable tool that allows for the sharing of the designer’s creativity. The banner entails aligning the texture, clarity, logo and the background, with all these attainable through the use of Photoshop.  Various steps need to be followed for the creation of timeless banners that will attract traffic.

Importing the Image

The first step is creating a Photoshop file, and setting the necessary resolution. After opening the program, click on “File” followed by “New”. You should appropriately save the file. You should then choose the size as 960 x 400 pixels, which will allow the image to maintain its size on either large or small screens. After this, press “Ok”, and this will cause the Photoshop artboard to load.

You should then click “File” then “Place” to locate the image. This should then be followed by dragging the image to the artboard.

Adjusting the Image

The next step entails aligning the image to fulfill the Rule of Thirds composition, which will let you focus on the focal points of the presentation. Remove the white default background by inserting the Rectangular Marquee Tool, with specific concern on not altering the shadows or image’s colour.

Use virtual grid lines to ensure that the image is perfectly aligned, with ample space for the fitting of the text. The image should be at the middle of the area since this will allow you to have room for neat application of the required texts.

Inserting Text

Perfect inclusion of the text to the banner is what will attract the customers to the website. Text offers a chance to identify the benefits of the engagements specifically and will identify details such as the brand name, specifications, and the beneficial features to the consumer. It will also include price changes if any.

Creativity is very vital across the project since it will allow for the balancing of the various aspects involved. You have to choose the font that fits the banner or optionally chose the general font on the site for uniformity.

The font size for the brand name should be larger than the description, which uses a thinner font. The size should be proportional to the image, and this should allow for quick scanning. Any promotional offer should be creatively added to the image, and should be attractive enough to attract the consumer’s curiosity.

Exporting the Banner

This is the final step in the creation of the banner, and it entails checking on the quality that will be portrayed. It allows for the attention to detail, which will later shape the perception of the people to the banner and the presentation. Creativity is rechecked at this point, and if you feel that it is not up to par, you can redo the process and come up with a presentation that will attract your clients.

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