How To Find Your Online Identity By Understanding Your Customer

How To Find Your Online Identity By Understanding Your Customer

Online identity is the primary investment that will attract customers and lead them to understand the company and the products more. For success in sales, you have to understand customer preferences, shopping habits, and the best way to attract them.

Various online sellers have nailed this, and they, therefore, make more sales over the years. Since the sale of goods is online, there is limited interaction with the customers, and all the understanding has to be made beforehand to ensure product success. How the seller portrays themselves to the customers will dictate the resultant sales.


ASOS is an online fashion retail store based in the United Kingdom, with sales across the globe, targeting mainly young adults. It is a collection of various aspects such as sales of well known streetwear brands, and the development of in-house brands.

ASOS has developed its brand to feature the young adults. It is designed to make it cool to wear ASOS brands, and this attracts the young people. The various features on the site drive inclusiveness and allow the customers to know how to portray themselves.

The company is at the forefront in fashion development, and the site features young models trying out newer wear. Around the globe, it is the young adults who are most inclined to try out newer fashion designs, and on both, the men and women wear, ASOS nails this. The company is built on a model of giving the consumers the freedom to express themselves, which is the premise of young adults.

Young adults are often on their phones and on the internet, and they interact with various fashionable items. Style match by ASOS is a feature that allows the consumers to upload an image of a design that they love, and the system will offer a solution. This feature allows young adults to stay up-to-date and has allowed the brand to continue building itself as young and cool.


Net-a-Porter is an online retailer that is all about the ladies. The shop stocks women wear and features varying designs and the resultant uses that they are applied in. One of the defining features of the brand is the inclusiveness that it offers the clients while allowing them to enjoy different wear.

Net-a-porter features various elements of clothing for diverse customer needs. The brand offers multiple products that have dictated its online identity, and this has gone on to allow them to understand how to attract customers.

The elements of a high-end chic include attention to detail and recreation of timeless fashion. The company has created its online identity by focusing on the people involved in the creation of the clothes. It features high-end designers that the clientele will agree with, and which will allow it to have increased sales.


MADE is an online retailer dealing with classy and timeless furniture. The brand is built on a model of understanding customer ingenuity, and offers many choices to the customers, all with the goal of easing their lives. Simplicity is at the core of the company’s products.

The retailer understood the needs of the consumers, and this allowed them to create products that would fit into their lifestyles. Consumers want high-end minimalistic furniture, that will seamlessly fit into their lifestyles.

Quality is central to customer needs, and the retailer has built its brand by focusing on this. It targets the customers who want to live simple lives and who want an interaction with their furniture that will lead to easier lives on their part.

The brand is central to the application of the various aspects of growth, and this will allow it to make sure that they attract a unique clientele. This online identity is central to its growth over the years, and how this has gone on to shape the perception of the involved people.

Coach House

Coach House is a wholesale trader dealing with high-end, high-quality furniture solutions. The brand is built on providing trade-only furniture. The primary clientele is retailers who want to offer their customers the perfect solution for their needs. Their website has a no fuss, clean and efficient approach in showing retailers what they have in stock, leaving the retailers the freedom to sell their products in their own way.

In a bid to ensure that it maintains the supply chain, the brand conducts various tests to ensure the authenticity of the customer. The brand respects the business that they have with the retailers, and do not want to infringe on the retailers’ position in the supply chain. Simplicity in dealing with retailers is what defines the brand.

Coach House has 30 themed room sets available for viewership by the retailer and customer. The brand understands that the retailers have to present the best to their customers, and this will entail sparking their creativity by showcasing the furniture in these ranges. The customers can also view all the products on sale at their discretion, with no pricing, leading on to increased trust.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks is an online retailer, dealing with socks and underwear sales. The brand is built on fun and engagingness. The target customers are easy-going people, of either gender, who want to transform their everyday accessories into fun and engaging items.

The brand changes the perception of people to socks since it allowed people to interact more with their fashion choices. Colour is central to people’s needs, and the company understood how its customers wanted to add colour to their lives in the most unexpected of places. The customers are young and hippy and want to know how to lead their lives.

The online brand’s identity is balanced on understanding how they lead their lives and how they want to interact with each other. Socks are an integral part of the culture, but the company has built it’s brand by understanding that the customers need more colour and fun in their lives, from the most unexpected of places.

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