How Outsourcing your Product Photography Could Save you Time, Money and a Headache

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How Outsourcing your Product Photography Could Save you Time, Money and a Headache

Outsourcing your Product Photography means hiring a local photographer for your project. Although the level of service differs between product photographers, outsourced product photography projects include:

Product Delivery – In most cases, you start by delivering your products for a photo shoot. However, few photographers, like PIC-UP, can pick the products from your business location and bring them to their workplace.

Photography – Done by a professional photographer or a service provider.

Image Editing – A great photographer should be able to use editing software. Capturing a photo is only a single step in the professional process. The second step is utilizing an editing software to make sure that images are incredible. Moreover, more tweaks can be made post-shot.

Delivery – After completing the process, the products are returned and the images outsourced are delivered in the format needed.

Outsourcing Product Photography Saves Time and Space

Capturing perfect photos for your products can take a long time especially when you have a lot of products. Outsourcing your product photography frees up that time, leaving you with more time to concentrate on growing your business.

DIY setup is connected directly to your business place meaning that you will need more space for a studio. This might not be a problem if you are dealing will a small amount of products. If things are picking up and you have ample stock, it would be best if you outsource your project to save space for more inventory.

Outsourcing product photography involves hiring an offshore team who can even work overnight meaning that the task can be accomplished in 24 hours or less. Besides, a UK based team can offer you support when you need it.

Saves Money

If you go for in-house photography, you will need to buy equipment such as a tripod, lenses, light diffuser, and a digital camera. Additionally, you will also need a variety of product photography software like Photoshop to produce consistently high-quality images. Besides, you’ll need staff members who are experienced and skilled in such programs. An image production management program that will assist your quality and production control systems, enhance your production, and offer you with workflow tools is also a necessity.

If you choose to outsource your product photography, you bypass all the requirements mentioned above thus saving a lot of money that would be used to purchase the equipment and the software. Professional product photographers offer you common services such as:

  • Collecting, shipping, or returning products depending on what is agreed.
  • Unpacking, photographing, and re-packing your products according to your specifications
  • Review, and format the photographs
  • Undertaking quality control of images
  • Delivering the products in accordance with the set timeline or deadline.

Moreover, professional photographers understand that the product line can expand especially when the demand increases, and want to offer you an opportunity to have every product photographed. They also allow you to select any background you like. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to save a lot of money.

Constant & Better Quality

Professionals ensure that product pictures look identical and are equally of good quality. Some businesses that prefer doing product photography on their own find it challenging to achieve a constant quality on multiple products. Doing on your own might not be a problem if your business is selling on different types of products, but if you sell one product in various sizes, colours, and settings, you will want all the images to look identical in both quality and style.

Besides, no matter how your own setup is, the chances are that you cannot complete with a proficient photographer. There will be a big difference especially if you sell products like expensive watches, jewellery. A skilled photographer who has his or her own studio can easily achieve an exceptional look with ease.

Outsourcing Can Handle Added Instructions

Anything which is not related to your primary business can be a distraction. Product photography requires processes, people, and equipment that should be maintained and managed. Images should be captured, edited, formatted and distributed. Professional product photographers can easily handle an extra function once it is introduced.

Staff Time & Expertise

In-house product photography means that you’ll have to redistribute your employees to do the project. However, this may have a significant impact on their basic tasks, and the distractions they will experience. Moreover, a product photography project takes long if the employees are needed to accomplish their tasks, or are distracted by other urgencies.

Furthermore, the staff might not be experienced or skilled enough to handle product photography. And, if they do not have the needed skills, they’ll slow down productivity and cause mistakes that consume a lot of time when fixing. Outsourcing to a reputable professional who has experience and high skill levels make it simple to meet deadlines and reduce poor consistency and the likelihood of making mistakes.

Pick Your Product Photographers Carefully

When outsourcing, keep in mind that the photographers you choose may represent your business. Be keen and thorough when selecting product photographers. Do not hand off a critical component to someone who may not give you the attention and time needed to do a great job.

Also, after hiring a company, ensure that you regularly review the relationship. Do not assume that because you hired the best product photographer, they are getting the work done. It does not work that way, and you do not want to realize after a couple of weeks that all they did was to make everything worse.

All-in-all do not spend all your money on some tasks that can be outsourced, leaving you with a little time to deal with vital business matters that will inevitably emerge. Outsource to make your staff focus on what they are good at.

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