How Good Product Photography Increases Revenue

How Good Product Photography Increases Revenue

Product photography entails the featuring and perfect representation of a specific commodity to the consumers. Impeccable images optimise the view of the product, and this ultimately leads to higher sales conversions.

Product photography involves capturing and subsequent editing of the images. Striking a balance between these two aspects will lead to quality photographs that will ultimately have an impact on the customer. The consumers’ preference for better images will lead to increased revenue for the seller.

Better Click Rate

Perfectly taken images increase the traffic on a site. Attracting many visitors to a website is the most critical aspect in e-commerce since it will increase the probability of the making of sales.

In online shopping, the premise of making purchases is the understanding of how the products will impact their lives. Good product photography will incorporate aspects of use, and this will translate to increased traffic as the consumers focus on the products on offer.

The more images on a site, the higher the perception of the people to the products on sale. Top quality images increase the curiosity in the consumers, and after they interact with the products on sale, they will most probably buy the goods on sale.

Building Customer Trust

E-Commerce entails presenting an actual product to a customer through virtual channels. In most cases, the potential customers do not have a connection to the product or even to the sellers. Unlike in location-based transactions, the customers have limited interaction with the parties and goods involved. They effectively do not understand the practicability of the products on sale.

Good product photography, however, builds a bridge between the various elements of the transactions involved. The images will represent the products in use and will allow the users to either zoom in and view the products better, thereby eliminating the touch and feel barrier as in traditional selling.

Good product photography represents the sellers as traders who care for the use of their products by the final consumers. The increase in customer trust in the sellers will lead to increased sales and consequently increased revenue.

Enhance Brand Identity

Good product photography comprises of building strong customer perceptions of the products on sale. The consistency between the images on the e-commerce site serves to develop the brand identity of the sellers.

Professionally capturing, editing and presenting the photos will lead to the increased representation of the brand, and is an indication of the seller’s belief in their brand. By simply viewing the images, customers can conclude all this and will make decisions based on the representation therein.  A strong brand identity will lead to increased revenue.

Provide Wholesome Product Information

One of the common barriers in e-commerce is the touch and feel barrier that limits customer confidence on the product on sale. Potential customers will not believe the perceived uses by the seller but will want to actually receive a testimonial. The product in use photos can achieve this.

Reducing the questions that the customer is asking themselves as they consider your product will increase the chances that they buy it. Providing comprehensive information on the product will increase sales.  Carefully choosing the images to include to represent practicability will solve most customer questions.

Reduces Return Rates

Colour mismatching is a common reason for return for online products. The slight changes in colour schemes may affect sales in colour based industry such as clothes. Since it is the image that drove them to purchase the product, consumers who get wrongly captured colours will demand returns from the sellers while leaving negative reviews on the site.

Good product photography dictates that there is an accurate representation of the products and their colours. Perfect colour representation will reduce the customer’s return rates, increase customer rating, and boost the seller’s revenue.

Act as a Social Trigger for Purchases

The seller has to choose the best image for use on the website. The parameters involved include high photographic quality and accurate representation of the product in use. The photos can make or break the sales of the product, and should, therefore, be carefully chosen.

Professionally taken photos will capture the interest of the viewers, more so when they are represented to solve a problem for the customer effectively. The images will pull the viewers to the product, and they will then make purchases.

Increase Customer Return Rate

Any business is built on attracting and developing the existing customer base. For any e-commerce website, effectively pulling back the consumers who made purchases on the site is the primary reason for their existence.  Returning customers serve as brand ambassadors by highly rating the products and inviting those around them to the e-commerce sites.

Good product photography will accurately represent the products on sale. When the customers feel that there was an accurate representation of the products, they will have increased confidence in the site. They will, therefore, visit the website more often, and this will lead them to make more purchases in the future. The increase in returning customers will increase site revenue.

Increases Photo Usability

The premise of product photography is allowing more potential customers to interact with the images. Professionally taken photographs rank high in search engines, and this will lead to increased interaction with the consumers.

Bloggers often feature quality photographs, and this will increase the online presence of the brand. When the photos are widely shared on social media, they reach more potential customers. When there is an increase in the online presence of the photos and the brand, there will be increased sales and consequently revenue for the sellers.


Professionally captured and edited product images offer an opportunity to represent your products to the potential customers perfectly. This article has described the key benefits of good product photography while showing its relation to increased sales.

As the first point of interaction with your customers, you should effectively invest in perfect product photography to appeal to them and subsequently increase the revenue.

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