Ghost Mannequin
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Ghost Mannequin
Ideal for clothing brands, invisible mannequins increase your product’s desirability and give off a professional, 3D quality – showing your customer exactly what they should expect to receive when they purchase.
Welcome to Product Photography, the professional product photography solution for your business. Whether you’re a brand, a designer, wholesaler, store owner or online retailer, we offer a wide range of competitive & professional business photography services to eCommerce brands and individuals in the UK seeking a high-quality finish.
Order the packshots and product images you need with a simple click of a button. Priced immediately with our online calculator, you will see just how affordable we are! Once you’ve chosen PIC-UP, simply box up your items and leave the rest to us! First, we’ll collect your items for free; steam them; shoot them, as a packshot or on a model before returning them alongside your finished photos.

We create exquisite product photography for use on your website or for marketing purposes. Our selection of stunning eCommerce product imagery is perfect for showcasing your offering and growing your business online. To ensure the best possible images, we use ultra high definition cameras; state of the art lighting; custom backdrops and computer image editing software to retouch photos.
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