5 Ways to Back Up your Images In Case the Worst Happens.

5 Ways to Back Up your Images In Case the Worst Happens.

People often complain of losing memorable photos. This can be as a result of deleting the images themselves or even losing their devices. Therefore, backing up of photos is important as it provides you with the best solutions of keeping your images safe. Some ways are more expensive and more efficient meaning that you have to strike a balance between cost and effectiveness to have a professional way of storing your images. Below are the five main ways that users can back up their photos for safety.

Back up using cloud

Most people are not good at backing up pictures, and therefore it is good to sync them using cloud, which requires no expertise. Services such as Mac desktop clients can be useful for syncing since they are cheap and provide mass storage of photos such as Google Drive and Dropbox. These platforms offer automatic backup for mobile users.

Use of hard drives

Hard drives can come in handy as an alternative way of backing up your images instead of using the cloud services. Several studies show that in recent years, using hard drives has been one of the most efficient ways of backing up images. Hard drives are used for mass storage of images on a long term basis making them super effective. There is more space availability by using hard drives although the transfer speed can be slow. Hard drives are also small and portable.

Using Internet-connected hard drives

These drives are known as NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives. These drives represent the physical drives that are usually connected over the Internet. One of the pros that come with these drives is that you can access your photos and files over the Internet anywhere in the world. Moreover, NAS can operate wirelessly or wired depending on your computer and the drive, and once it is configured, it can display as another drive on your device.

Storage of photos over many libraries.

With the rapid changes in technology, there has been an increase with applications that are used to backup photos. Mac App Store, for example, allows users to gain access to multiple libraries that offer incredible backup options for your images.

Printing of images

Printing of images can be done as a last resort. It may seem like a waste of resources such as time and money. However, should the worst happen, prints can always be scanned back to the computers. This will ensure that your images are always safe which is a merit of prints in the digital world today.


It is through these five significant ways that most people can use to back up their images for future reference. These methods of backing up your photos are simple and easy to understand hence no expertise is needed. Be sure that you make a backup of your photos every few months in case your device gets lost.

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